Nook On Lyne Labradors
Nook On Lyne Pure Bred Labrador Breeders in Cumbria

Where it all started

Dogs have always played a pivotal part in both of our lives from an early age; however, the exceptionally popular Labrador Retriever has by far been the most remarkable wonderful dog that we have been privileged to have in our lives and become our faithful loyal companions.

For the last 15 years I have had a dream to breed pure bred Labrador Retrievers. However, I have always felt a moral & ethical responsibility to ensure that the main reason to decide to breed should always be to strive to improve the breed & produce healthy puppies that live a contented, long & healthy life and in 2019 I decided that the time was right for me to follow my heart and my dreams and as a result Nook on Lyne Labradors was created.

Nook On Lyne Cumbrian Labrador Breeders

The Labrador Retriever Breed

The Labrador Retriever according to the Kennel Club is the most popular of all pedigree breeds. This popularity comes from many things including having a reputation of being even tempered together with having a kind, pleasant, outgoing and biddable nature.

The warm & friendly temperament of the Labrador makes them ideal for first time dog owners. The Labrador with its fabulous temperament is known for its versatility as a family dog, working dog, show dog, service dog, therapy dog and a guide dog.

Health tested Labrador puppies in Cumbria

Licensed Breeders

In accordance with stringent legislation regarding the necessity of obtaining a licence we have worked incredibly hard to meet the exceptionally high standards set out by the Local Council together with an independent vet in order to ensure the highest possible standards are met in respect of animal welfare.

We are therefore extremely proud to announce that we have gained the highest possible rating from the Local Council available to us.

Nook On Lyne Kennel Club Labrador Breeders


The ethos of any of our breeding involves dedicating an incredible amount of time & expense with the aim of breeding ethically & responsibly to pass on the desirable qualities & traits of looks, temperament, confirmation and health to all of our puppies.

We occasionally have a litter of pure-bred Labrador Retriever puppies from superb health tested parents. Having limited litters means that we are able to dedicate our time and resources into providing the very best care to our dogs and their puppies.

Puppies are born and reared in our home, they will be very well socialised, used to household noises and full of mischief.

They are started on a worming programme at 2 weeks old and are wormed every 2 weeks, they are microchipped and vet checked at 7 weeks at which time they will be given their first vaccination.

All of our puppies will leave with:

  • A Kennel Club Registration Certificate
  • A 5-Generation Pedigree
  • 5 Weeks Free Insurance
  • Details of Both Parents Health Testing
  • A Puppy Contract
  • Vet Report
  • Puppy Pack
  • Advice Sheet
  • Vaccination Card
  • Details of Endorsements
  • A Lucy’s Law April 2020 Contract
  • Sample puppy food
  • A lifetime of advice and support
  • Ultrasound image of puppies hips (when the service is made available to us)

Please note puppies will NOT be allowed to leave any sooner than 8 weeks of age. It would not only be unlawful under Lucy’s Law April 2020 but it is a condition of our licence.

The Kennel Club permits the use of two endorsements on registrations:

R Progeny Not Eligible for Registration
X Export Pedigree Not Allowed

All of our puppies are fully endorsed and as such all puppies will carry these endorsements on their Kennel Club paperwork.

By placing these endorsements on our puppies which we have carefully and responsibly bred it allows us to safeguard the health of future generations by contributing to reducing the diseased genes of the Labrador Retriever Breed.

If you are interested in owning a Nook On Lyne Labrador puppy and would like to be considered for a place on our waiting list for one of limited carefully planned 2021 litters then please email your contact details together with the lifestyle you are able to offer a potential puppy, your experience of the Labrador Retriever Breed and your future plans.