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Extensive Health Testing

Comprehensive health testing carries a substantial cost to any responsible breeder and the health and welfare of our girls and their puppies are of paramount importance to us.

The recognition of the importance of our moral principles and beliefs has allowed us to carefully put together a bespoke breed specific health package without compromise.

We use the following health package on all of our dogs:

Nook On Lyne - DNA Tested Working Labrador Breeder near Carlisle

DNA Genetic Testing

By DNA testing our dogs we now know more about their genetic make-up and health. As a result, we have been able to establish that our girls are Clear of 16 of the most common Autosomal-Recessive Conditions that affect the Labrador Retriever,

CNM, EIC, SD2, HNPK, prcd-PRADM, HUU, Achromatopsia, Alexander Disease, Cystinuria, Elliptocytosis, Myotubular Myopathy 1, Narcolepsy, PRA-CORD1/PRA-crd4, Copper Toxicosis and CMS. Please refer to our DNA Health Tested Conditions page for a detailed description of these diseases.

The DNA testing of Autosomal Recessive Conditions means that tested dogs are either clear of the condition, carriers of the condition or affected by the condition.

Clear means that no diseased gene has been found and the dog will never have the tested condition. Clear dogs will pass on a normal gene to their puppies.

Carrier means that one copy of the diseased gene has been detected. Carrier dogs are very unlikely to develop the tested condition but there is a 50% chance that they will pass on the diseased gene to their puppies. 

Affected means that two copies of the diseased gene have been detected and the dog is highly likely to develop the condition. Affected dogs will pass on the diseased gene to all of their puppies. 

Therefore at Nook on Lyne Labradors we can guarantee that due to carefully selected matings, we will only ever produce puppies genetically clear of the tested conditions of both the Dam & the Sire to further reduce the diseased gene frequency within the Labrador Retriever.

Nook On Lyne Kennel Club Labrador Breeders - Hip and Elbow Scan Check

Hip and Elbow Analysis & Pathological Assessment of the Joints

The Kennel Club suggest that the most reliable method of determining the health of a dog's hips and elbows is by having the dog X-Rayed and having the images assessed by specialists to look for any abnormalities in a dog's hip or elbow joints.

It has now been scientifically concluded that Canine Hip and Elbow Dysplasia are Complex Polygenic Conditions of which both environmental factors acquired after birth and inherited genetic factors can both play a key role in the development of the hip and elbow joints.

In order to make an accurate assessment of the health of the hip and elbow joints it is essential that both genetic and environmental factors are taken into consideration. Analysis X-Ray images are taken by our vet in a much more natural state without traction showing the whole hip and elbow complex thus allowing for a full assessment of the joints.

These images which are identified by the microchip number are then passed onto a highly respected and highly skilled X-Ray referral team of Orthopaedic Specialists.

These Orthopaedic Specialists then work with Mike & myself together with our vet in order to decide on whether to include or exclude a dog from our breeding programme.  We are absolutely delighted that all of our girls have successfully been approved by the team of Specialists to be a part of our breeding programme at Nook On Lyne Labradors.

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Coefficient In-Breeding Calculator

With the help of the In-Breeding Coefficient Calculators provided by the Kennel Club we are able to check that both Sire and Dam are a suitable match and not to closely related thus reducing any possible health issues.

Nook On Lyne Kennel - Labrador Breeder, Cumbria

Ultrasound of Puppies Hips

Finally, the culmination of our bespoke health package is our eagerness to use a local Ultrasound service when it becomes available to us hopefully when Government restrictions are fully lifted.

By using this diagnostic ultrasound technology, it will be possible for experts to evaluate puppies in the early weeks of age to establish the presence or absence of normal healthy hip joint development.

Only when the orthopaedic specialists are happy with the hip development of the puppies are they signed off and certificates issued to confirm normal hip joint development.