5* Licensed Breeders. Extensively Health Tested Parents. Dam 21 Clear Health Tests, Sire 19 Clear Health Tests including Hip & Elbow Scores, Clear Eye Tests. Additionally Dam Has Detailed Pathological Analysis Of Joints By Orthopedic Specialists. All Puppies In This Planned Spring/Summer 2022 Litter will be CLEAR of 16 Genetic Health Conditions Commonly Found In The Labrador Retriever. Ultrasound Of Puppies Hips To Confirm Normal Development Before They Leave.

B5B528B5-38D0-43F3-AAE0-4F020A100D59 Willow
Breeder : Nook on Lyne Labradors
Location : Carlisle, Cumbria
Breeder Licence : 5 Stars Carlisle City Council M:008182
Price: £2600

Our waiting list is now open for Willow's planned spring/summer litter 2022.

Sire : Kenynten Call my Bluff (Health Tested)
Dam : Kenynten Cutest Little Bundle at NookonLyne (Health Tested)

Verified Health Tests

Sire - Kenynten Call my Bluff
AxD : Clear - 19th April 2021
ACHM : Clear - 19th April 2021
Cystinuria : Clear - 19th April 2021
MTM1 (XLMTM) : Clear - 19th April 2021
Narcolepsy : Clear - 19th April 2021
PRA (cord1) : Clear - 19th April 2021
CT : Clear - 19th April 2021
CMS : Clear - 19th April 2021
Canine Elliptocytosis : Clear - 19th April 2021
BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Examination : Clinically Unaffected - 25th March 2021
HNPK : Clear - 22nd February 2021
DM : Clear - 22nd February 2021
HUU : Clear - 22nd February 2021
SD2 (dwarfism) : Clear - 22nd February 2021
EIC : Clear - 22nd February 2021
prcd-PRA : Clear - 22nd February 2021
CNM : Clear - 22nd February 2021
Elbow Score - ANKC Scheme :0/0 = 0 - 18th January 2021
Hip Score - ANKC Scheme : 2/0 = 2 - 18th January 2021

Dam - Cutest Little Bundle at NookonLyne

prcd-PRA: Clear - 27th November 2020
EIC: Clear - 27th November 2020
CNM: Clear - 27th November 2020
HNPK: Clear - 27th November 2020
SD2 (dwarfism): Clear - 27th November 2020
DM: Clear - 11th December 2020
Hip Score - ANKC Scheme: 2:1 = 3 - 26th January 2021
Hip Analysis Report: Joints Normal, No Evidence of Genetic Disorder, No Contraindications to breeding - 7th February 2021
Elbow Score - ANKC Scheme: 0:0 = 0 - 21st March 2021
HUU: Clear - 26th March 2021
Elbow Analysis Report: Joints Normal, No Evidence of Genetic Disorder, No Contraindications to breeding - 19th April 2021
BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Examination: Clinically Unaffected - 25th May 2021
Achromatopsia: Clear - 10th June 2021
Alexander Disease: Clear - 10th June 2021
Cystinuria Type 1A: Clear - 10th June 2021
Elliptocytosis: Clear - 10th June 2021
Myotubular Myopathy 1: Clear - 10th June 2021
Narcolepsy: Clear - 10th June 2021
Progressive Retinal Atrophy PRA-CORD1/PRA-crd4: Clear - 10th June 2021
Copper Toxicosis: Clear - 10th June 2021
Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome: Clear - 10th June 2021

Nook on Lyne Labradors are a 5* Licensed Kennel Club Breeders of Pure Bred Labrador Retrievers. Our License is with Carlisle City Council and our License Number is M:008182. Having been awarded a 5 Star Licence means that we meet the higher welfare standards which in turn helps potential puppy buyers know that we are doing more to make sure your puppies and their parents are happy and healthy.

The ethos of any of our breeding involves dedicating an incredible amount of time & expense with the aim of breeding ethically & responsibly to pass on most importantly superb health to all of our puppies together with the desirable qualities & traits of looks, temperament & confirmation.

Willow who is Honey's full sister is a beautiful Fox Red shade of yellow and she has the most amazing temperament, she has the most loving gentle nature and is a pleasure to own. Her sire is a working dog and her pedigree shows a number of Field Trial Champions including Drakeshead.

As with all of our girls she has a bespoke health testing package far superior to standard Kennel Club Recommendations in respect of both Joint Assessment and DNA.

Willow is Extensively Health Tested and has 21 CLEAR Health Tests. She is CLEAR of 16 Genetic Health Conditions commonly found in the Labrador Retriever. She had a CLEAR BVA/KC/ISDS eye test on 25th May 2021, hips 2/1 and 0/0 elbows. 

We work extremely closely with The PupScan Project who are supported by a panel of highly respected and highly skilled Human & Veterinary Orthopaedic Specialist Consultants in respect of the quality of the hip and elbow joints. Analysis X-Ray images were taken of Willow's Hips and Elbows by our vet in a much more natural state, without traction, showing the whole hip and elbow complex thus allowing for a FULL assessment of the joints. These images identified by her microchip number were then passed onto the X-Ray referral team of Specialists to assess her images in detail and provide comprehensive reports setting out their findings. We were clearly over the moon that they confirmed Willow was suitable to be included in our breeding programme at Nook on Lyne Labradors with Normal Joints, No evidence of genetic disorders and No Contraindications to Breeding being reported.

Rogan the Sire who we know personally is a remarkable dog, dark fox red shade of yellow in colour he has an absolutely amazing kind temperament with a a super, gentle nature. His pedigree also shows Field Trial Champions & Winners. Rogan is also Extensively Health Tested and has 19 CLEAR Health Tests. He is CLEAR of 16 Genetic Health Conditions commonly found in the Labrador Retriever, he had a CLEAR BVA/KC/ISDS eye test on 25th May 2021 and CLEAR Hips 2/0 & Elbows 0/0. Please see my Gallery on my Champdogs webpage for photos of this stunning boy, you will find a link to this webpage on Our Dogs Page on this Website.

This hard to find equally matched impeccable health testing of both the Sire & Dam guarantees that all puppies in this and any of our future litters will be 100% HEREDITARY CLEAR of the 16 tested conditions. They will NOT be HEREDITARY UNAFFECTED of these conditions as this status carries no guarantee to a puppies health as it is an unknown quantity until your puppy is DNA tested. Nook on Lyne Labradors do NOT Carry or and are NOT Affected by the faulty genes associated with the tested conditions and as such we are proud to play our part in trying to reduce the diseased gene pool.

Finally, the best and most notable aspect of our bespoke health testing package is the use of The PupScan Project's Ultrasound service subject to the availability. By using this diagnostic ultrasound technology, it will be possible for Highly Respected  Orthopaedic Specialists to evaluate puppies at approximately 6 weeks of age to confirm normal healthy hip joint development before they leave for their new homes at 8/9 weeks. The PupScan Project are working closely with Dublin University and also the IKC to understand not only genetic influence but also the events that happen during our beloved dogs life that may result in poor joint formation. It is hoped that as a result of this knowledge we can all progress and improve the health and wellbeing of our dogs.

The first 16 weeks of a puppies life are crucial for learning & development. With this in mind we have designed a puppy development room that allows for this window of opportunity for puppies to learn both human and canine socialisation and stimulation skills, play and learning about boundaries of behaviour.

At Nook on Lyne Labradors we endeavour to help match puppies with their new owners by Puppy Profiling. We help and guide new owners on selecting the right puppy based of personality, lifestyle and temperament. We ensure every puppy we raise ends up in the very best home for them in order to set everybody up to succeed.

We are a member of the Pupstarts Breeder Affiliate Scheme and as such we are committed to making the lives of the puppies we breed exceptional. We want to ensure our puppies and new owners are fully supported when your puppy is transitioned into their new home. We do this by funding your place on a remote puppy training course - The Puppy Pod.

The online Puppy Pod training course is designed to bridge the gap between your puppy leaving us and starting puppy classes with you. It fully supports you through the preparation, settling in and early training phases of your puppies life including the early days, toilet training, sleep, development & socialisation, body language and so much more.

We adhere to "The Puppy Contract" which was developed by the Animal Welfare Foundation and the RSPCA and was designed to encourage responsible breeding. It also ensures that buyers have all of the information they need to make an informed decision when buying a puppy from us.

You will have sight of a copy of our license and Willow will be scanned in your presence showing her Microchip Number matches all documentation. In addition your puppy will be scanned in your presence and you will be shown the puppy is registered to us as the breeder before the puppy is transferred into your name as the new owner. Before you leave with your puppy you will be given The Puppy Contract Information Pack and asked to read the guidance notes
designed to protect new puppy owners by ensuring that you have been given/shown all the information a responsible breeder should supply.

By following this process together with our own requirements for a Puppy Expression of Interest Form to be completed we are able to demonstrate the level of care and attention that Nook on Lyne Labradors have put into breeding puppies with the best chance of being happy and healthy and ensuring the best outcome for a Puppy's future.

Puppies are born and reared in our home, they are started on a worming programme at 2 weeks old and are wormed every 2 weeks with panacur, they are weighed daily for the the first 2 weeks to ensure adequate daily weight gain, then weekly until 8 weeks. They are microchipped at 6 weeks and vet checked between 7 and 8 weeks at which time they will be given their first vaccination.

They will be weaned onto Eden Puppy Food. Eden dog food is made in the UK and is rated 90% nutritional value ranking it the 4th joint best dry dog food by the independent site "All About Dog Food".

Eden's Puppy Cuisine is a complete 80/20 food, meaning that it provides your puppy with all the nutrients they need to fully optimize their whole health. Joint supporting properties for peak periods of growth means your puppy will get the best start in life.

They will be familiar with a crate and have some good whistle recall before they leave at 8/9 weeks old. Please note puppies will NOT be allowed to leave any sooner than 8 weeks of age. It would not only be unlawful under Lucy's Law April 2020 but it is a condition of our licence.

All of our puppies will leave with a puppy pack consisting of A4 presentation folder full of information about your puppy including:

A Kennel Club Registration Certificate
A 5-Generation Pedigree
4 Weeks Free Insurance
Details of Both Parents Health Testing
Details of Puppies DNA Hereditary Health
A Puppy Contract
Vet Report
Advice Booklet including information on socialisation, vaccinations, worming, diet, exercise & DNA.
Individual Weight and Wormer Chart.
Vaccination Card
Details of Endorsements R Registration & X Export
A Lucy's Law April 2020 Contract
A Certificate confirming normal hip joint development - Subject to the availability of this service.

Also included in your puppy pack:
A Funded Puppy Pod online training course
A lifetime of advice and support
Sample puppy food
Fully Natural Treats
Development & Stimulation Kong Toy

All of our puppies are fully endorsed as such all puppies will carry these endorsements on their Kennel Club Paperwork. By placing these endorsements on our puppies which we have carefully and responsibly bred it allows us to safeguard the health of future generations by contributing to reducing the diseased genes of the Labrador Retriever Breed.

Deciding to buy a puppy is an extremely exciting time and your puppy will provide you with endless fun & enjoyment. As it is a huge commitment we just ask that you take some time to look fully at our Website, this will allow you to gather as much information as possible about us, our breeding ethos and our dogs also we have a Champdogs Webpage together with a Gallery for your information.

If you are interested in owning a puppy from Willow's planned fox red shade of yellow litter and being added to our waiting list then please get in contact by email for a Puppy Expression of Interest Form which asks for details of yourself and the lifestyle you are able to offer a potential puppy.

This will be followed up with a WhatsApp Video Call for a really informal chat whereby you can ask me any questions you may have and vice versa. Please note this method of video call is a requirement of Nook on Lyne Labradors. 
If after making contact you would like to secure a puppy from Willow's litter a £300 non refundable deposit/holding fee will be required only once the puppies are born. Proof of ID & address will be required when a deposit is taken and this proof of ID is reciprocated in order to give you confidence in us as a genuine breeder.

Weekly WhatsApp video calls will be made to new owners individually in order that they can see the puppies growing and developing over the weeks prior to their first visit. There will be 2 visits available, one to choose your puppy at 6 weeks and one to collect your puppy at 8 weeks old.

If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please note that we do not accept calls from withheld numbers.

See Gallery on our main Champdogs page for more pictures of Willow & Rogan.

CCTV is in operation 24/7

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