We first made contact with Vicky and Mike in mid-September after months of research for the right puppy to welcome to our family, from a breeder who cared about correct health testing and wanted to raise the bar for breeding. NookonLyne Labradors stood out above all other breeders for us- they go above and beyond to match dam and sire and ensure health testing is carried out to an exceptional standard, as well as very satisfactory hip and elbow scoring and eye testing, Vicky also has her girls extensively DNA health tested for 21 hereditary illnesses which they are all cleared for- amazing, as well as the sire Rogan who is clear for 19 illnesses.
The level of ethical breeding, time, money and dedicated care Vicky and Mike undertake is second to none and we were over the moon to be accepted onto Honey's waiting and th puppies were born at the end of October. Luckily for us we were able to reserve our little girl who we have named Brontë 🥰 who is not only hereditary clear of 21 illnesses but has also had her hips ultrasound checked through the PupScan project- something every breeder should consider to ensure sound hips prior to puppies leaving for their forever homes.
NookonLyne labradors have an amazing puppy room complete with Cbeebies, toys and Vicky worked on training, socialising and desensitising the puppies with videos of fireworks, barking, gunshots etc. It certainly paid off- Bronte didn't bat an eyelid at the fireworks right outside on NYE!
Once the puppies were born we had regular, almost daily contact with vicky- videos, photos and video calls keeping us up to date on the puppies progress with a wealth of knowledge and information from Vicky herself. We were also delighted to be signed up to a puppy training online course courtesy of NookonLyne labradors which has proved very helpful, even with us owning a Labrador already, there is always more to learn.
An overall 10/10 experience from a 5 star licensed breeder who goes above and beyond what may be expected in order to breed and raise healthy puppies in an ethical and responsible manner- with a lifetime of advice and support! They tick every single box- from health testing to ensuring the puppies are weaned on a excellent food to raising them to be happy and confident, along with puppy profiling to match us to the right puppy. We are so grateful for everything Vicky and Mike have done to ensure we buy a happy, healthy and sociable puppy who has had the best start in life and will give us years of happiness ❤️ thank you!!
Hannah,Declan & Nathan, Indie & Brontë 🐾"

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