This is my beautiful boy Rogan he is a credit to his mummy Honey and Human Mummy and Daddy Vicky Rutherford and Mike Rutherford, They have put their heart and sole into building the perfect 5 star breeding Kennels of Red Fox Labradors with dedication and devotion and no expense spared from the start in 2019 when starting out on the journey of building the best breeder achievable and they have smashed it from the first puppy they bought looking for the best healthy and regardless of the expense and this has proven with only 2 litters under there belt the reputation of Nook On Lyne Labradors is a force to be reckoned with, The girls are the healthiest with extensive health tests all clear with the best pick of the sire Rogan providing the best genetics have been passed on to all the puppies and all extensive health testing with maximum health qualities and each and every new owner can be confident they are becoming parents to the most healthiest puppy from the start knowing you have made the best decision choosing this breeder. The whole process from start to finish has been informative weekly contact via video chat providing your information to Vicky Rutherford, life style and working commitments, abilities, Family etc she has the best idea of which puppy would suit you and your family and aims to help you choose the best puppy match. The whole set up is of the highest standard from the Girls and her Beautiful Boy who is the most loving boy individual kennel space for all and the amazing space for Mummy and Puppies and quality of equipment is of the highest of quality with no expense spared. Then you have the education room where the puppies are worked with closely providing the best puppies use to the usual home noises and household equipment washing machine tv daily unexpected noises like dropping something making the introduction to your home easier and the introduction socially into your area and with other pets and live stock as we live in a farming village i started training as soon as we got home and i can say im so proud of Rogan learning to go out to his toilet area no accidents in the home really to talk about he is sitting lying down and he sleeps all night from day 1 which has blown my mind he is like a sponge soaking in the information and NO CHEWING takes himself of to sleep in his crate when he wants he is a pleasure to have went in our van today to asda and he was amazing put his bed in the van between the seats and he lay there no problem. If you ever wanting the best health tested puppy i recommend Nook On Lyne Labradors 1000% you will never be wishing you went to someone else as in my opinion i would never overlook Vicky and mike their ethics in the standards of the responsibilities they undertake to pass on qualities and traits temperament and safeguarding future generations health and reducing diseased genes know in labrador breeds.


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